About DeMMO

DeMMO is located in the former Homestake gold mine at the Sanford Underground Research Facility in Lead, South Dakota, USA.
The observatory is a network of boreholes that intersect fluid-filled fractures spanning depths of 800-4,850 feet.

People at DeMMO

DeMMO collaborators come from all over the world, including research groups from
Northwestern University, Desert Research Institute, University of Southern California,
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and Bigelow Laboratory. Click on the images to learn more.

DeMMO Projects

Find out more about exiting projects at DeMMO!

  • Interactive Data

    Explore DeMMO data with custom built R Shiny web applications!

  • Biofilm Communities at DeMMO

    Find out how we're characterizing the attached biosphere in the deep subsurface!

  • Metagenomes

    Learn more about ongoing metagenomic surveys at DeMMO!

  • Cultivating the Deep Biosphere

    Find out how we isolate microorganisms in the lab!

  • Biomarkers in the Deep Biosphere

    Learn how we're characterizing lipid biomarkers in DeMMO microbial communities!

  • Long-term Monitoring at DeMMO

    Find out what we've learned from over two years of monitoring fracture fluid communities at DeMMO!



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