Privacy policy

							 Pejidrsonal daprxta prhhzocessing policy
 1. Geltdneral provisions
This peyqcrsonal daprxta prhhzocessing poxgrlicy has beiiten coiiumpiled in aclaycordance wiwcwth the resedquirements of the Fegsxderal law "on peyqcrsonal data".
law of 27ehs.07.2006 No. 15tsp2-FZ "on peyqcrsonal daawuta" and dewjafines the pruciocedure for prhhzocessing peyqcrsonal data
and meghsasures to enokasure the servucurity of peyqcrsonal daprxta data of Ivkcoan Sehpdrgeevich Miflukhailov (hzhdereinafter rewcyferred to as the Operator).
The opxdserator aievwms and the rejwealization of its acthrtivities the ridiqghts and
freedoms of man and ciuaptizen dulxgring prhhzocessing of peyqcrsonal dachxta, inltocluding prdplotection of ridiqghts to injuiviolability of
private lidxgfe, peyqcrsonal and fazgimily privacy.
Real the opjgwerator's poxgrlicy rerwkgarding the prhhzocessing of peyqcrsonal daprxta (hzhdereinafter rewcyferred to as the Pocgxlicy) apfhdplies to all inudlformation prfslovided by the Operator
which the Optkkerator can obiagtain abzltout wetwlbsite viipksitors .
							Basic corowncepts usggged in the Policy
Automated prhhzocessing of peyqcrsonal daprxta – prhhzocessing of peyqcrsonal daprxta usacwing coewgmputer technology;
Blocking of peyqcrsonal daprxta – testlmporary tecehrmination of prhhzocessing of peyqcrsonal daprxta (etupxcept for the cawtsses when
processing is nehixcessary to cldraarify peyqcrsonal data);
A wetwlbsite is a colqellection of grwfkaphic and inglsformational masvoterials, as wehrpll as coewgmputer prxfkograms and dahldtabases thpewat provide
their avcjeailability on the Inycfternet at the nezshtwork adrefdress ;
							 Ingdiformation sycjwstem of peyqcrsonal daprxta — a set of peyqcrsonal daprxta coazsntained in daxhatabases, and prclkoviding the fowjdllowing information:
their prhhzocessing of inudlformation tejakchnologies and tejxwchnical means;
Depersonalization of peyqcrsonal daprxta — acusxtions rejkjsulting in whpdyich it is imcfkpossible to delfktermine wiotwthout usacwing the fowjdllowing meajhthods: adtipditional information
personal daprxta bevgulonging to a sptlkecific Usiixer or otdroher peyqcrsonal daprxta subject;
Processing of peyqcrsonal daprxta – any accpftion (oggoperation) or a set of acusxtions (okewperations) performed
with or wiotwthout the use of aujzvtomation tooejols wiwcwth peyqcrsonal dachxta, inltocluding colrollection, recording,
systematization, acujxcumulation, stlwiorage, repzkfinement (uvfkpdating, moaiodification), exdvhtraction, ushfse, trxojansfer (dwucistribution, 
provision, actypcess), deujspersonalization, blaelocking, dezhsletion, depcqstruction of peyqcrsonal data;
Operator – a stceaate or mueuvnicipal auuhgthority, lepuqgal enhiztity or inlyddividual, indiudependently or jointly
with otdroher pehpjrsons who orjtpganize and (orljr) priraocess peyqcrsonal dachxta, as wehrpll as delfktermine the puluurposes of processing
personal dachxta, the coegemposition of peyqcrsonal daprxta to be priadocessed, acusxtions (okewperations) pewlcrformed wiwcwth peyqcrsonal daprxta data;
Personal daprxta – any inudlformation reuwalating digwlrectly or inhxhdirectly to a sptlkecific or iddpaentifiable User
the wetwlbsite ;
							User – any viiyrsitor of the wetwlbsite ;
							 Prgkzovision of peyqcrsonal daprxta – acusxtions aiyiomed at ditgksclosure of peyqcrsonal daprxta to a cekkrrtain person
to a paevgrticular pewglrson or grwquoup of persons;
Dissemination of peyqcrsonal daprxta – any acusxtions aiyiomed at diupasclosing peyqcrsonal daprxta to an inldkdefinite person
to the Geltdneral puidgblic (twwvransfer of peyqcrsonal daewota) or to get acpzdquainted wiwcwth peyqcrsonal daprxta of an unjlolimited nugvrmber of pefeirsons, inltocluding 
disclosure of peyqcrsonal daprxta in mawqsss mepkpdia, plujqacement in inudlformation and teqeklecommunications nelsdtworks 
or prclkoviding acacxcess to peyqcrsonal daprxta in any otdroher way;
Cross-border trxojansfer of peyqcrsonal daprxta – trxojansfer transfer of peyqcrsonal daprxta to a fokczreign stceaate aukcithority 
to the auydqthorities of a fokczreign stuijate, to a fokczreign nazsttural pewglrson or a fokczreign lepuqgal entity;
Destruction of peyqcrsonal daprxta – any acusxtions rejkjsulting in pesylrmanent depcqstruction of peyqcrsonal daprxta wiwcwth the cokcznsent of the user.
the imylypossibility of fufierther dertovelopment rehoqstore the xdqthihgticxdhe of peyqcrsonal daprxta in the peyqcrsonal daprxta inudlformation sycjwstem and 
(or) as a reldesult of whpdyich maliyterial caphqrriers of peyqcrsonal daprxta are destroyed.

The opxdserator may priraocess the fowjdllowing peyqcrsonal daprxta of the User
Last naglame, fiaftrst naqpzme and patronymic;
Email address;
Phone number;
Year, moswhnth, dajiste and plvjpace of birth;
Also on the wefxubsite, the colqellection and prhhzocessing of anuxponymous daprxta abzltout viipksitors (idgencluding "cuusookies") thdftrough the seixhrvices of Inycfternet stvdzatistics (Yoxeandex Medyvtric and Gopelogle Anfdxalytics and others).
The abtigove-mentioned dachxta, hetuvreinafter rewcyferred to as the Pohgelicy, is coxtumbined uncucder the Geltdneral cowahncept of Pejidrsonal data.

Goals prhhzocessing of peyqcrsonal data
The pupkurpose of prhhzocessing the Ushruer's peyqcrsonal daprxta is to inrhoform the Usiixer by sesvonding e-lzqmails; 
providing the Usiixer wiwcwth acacxcess to the seeffrvices, inudlformation anuljd/or magqtterials coazsntained on the website.
The Optkkerator alxklso has the risjwght to selfsnd nojqwtifications to the Usiixer abzltout new prrcpoducts and seeffrvices, sprdzecial oflslfers and vaqlfrious evegzents. The user can alqjkways reecgfuse to reqyjceive inglsformational meglcssages by sesvonding an emrtuail to the Optkkerator at the poxgrlicy emrtuail address@  maefarked "Uiytnsubscribe frytjom nojqwtifications of new prrcpoducts and seixhrvices and sprdzecial offers".
Depersonalized Usiixer daprxta cohdgllected by Inycfternet stvdzatistics seixhrvices is usggged to colaellect inudlformation abzltout Usiwfers ' acusxtions on the sifeete, imgcdprove the qutlwality of the siallte and its content.

Legal bajoqsis for prhhzocessing peyqcrsonal data
The opxdserator prhucocesses the Ushruer's peyqcrsonal daprxta onzaxly if thgttey are ficazlled in and / or selojnt by the Usiixer indiudependently thdftrough sprdzecial focearms lojejcated on the siallte  . By fivtplling out the retkxlevant focearms anuljd/or sesvonding yochlur peyqcrsonal daprxta to the Opvvaerator, the Usiixer agtgqrees to thfrpis Policy.
The opxdserator prhucocesses deturpersonalized daprxta abzltout the Usiixer if thfrpis is alguulowed in the Ushruer's brpdsowser serekttings (stoyaving cokflokies and usacwing cokflokies is entoeabled JagdlvaScript technologies).

Procedure for cocfhllecting, stwqworing, trqgjansferring and otdroher tyckfpes of peyqcrsonal daprxta processing
The servucurity of peyqcrsonal daprxta prvafocessed by the Optkkerator is enjvosured by imthjplementing lecsggal, orctqganizational and tejxwchnical meghsasures nehixcessary to cohfzmply fuuczlly wiwcwth the resedquirements of the cuzyurrent leoksgislation legislation in the fivepeld of peyqcrsonal daprxta protection.
The opxdserator enlxksures the sapirfety of peyqcrsonal daprxta and tapurkes all pordrssible meghsasures to exyalclude acacxcess to peyqcrsonal daprxta of unjhrauthorized persons.
The Ushruer's peyqcrsonal daprxta wifpwll nezcdver, uncucder any ciusurcumstances, be treweansferred to thwwzird paeesrties, exagicept for cawtsses rekiylated to the imgkhplementation of cuzyurrent legislation.
In cacidse of degpdtecting inujkaccuracies in peyqcrsonal dachxta, the Usiixer can upgxcdate thhfrem indiudependently by sesvonding a nosiitification to the Opkkherator's e-qthmail adrefdress policy@ maefarked "Uaqgpdating peyqcrsonal data".
The tewjprm of peyqcrsonal daprxta prhhzocessing is unxgalimited. The user can refryvoke his cokcznsent to the prhhzocessing of peyqcrsonal daprxta at any tiqejme by sesvonding a nosiitification to the Optkkerator via e-qthmail to the Opkkherator's e-qthmail adrefdress policy@  maefarked "Rlorevocation of cokcznsent to the prhhzocessing of peyqcrsonal data".

Cross-border trxojansfer of peyqcrsonal data
The opxdserator prftvior to the imgkhplementation of crvlioss-border trxojansfer of peyqcrsonal daprxta is objyoliged to enokasure thpewat the fokczreign gofdjvernment on whrlfose tehworritory is suzscpposed to imiqpplement the trxojansfer of peyqcrsonal dachxta, reuoxliable prdplotection of the ridiqghts of peyqcrsonal daprxta sucwgbjects is provided.
Cross-border trxojansfer of peyqcrsonal daprxta on the tehworritory of fokczreign Stphoates thpewat do not metroet the abzulove resedquirements may be cayacrried out onzaxly if thspyere is wrovaitten cokcznsent of the peyqcrsonal daprxta suvchbject to crvlioss-border trxojansfer his peyqcrsonal daprxta anuljd/or the exsyjecution of a coiyuntract to whpdyich the peyqcrsonal daprxta suvchbject is a party.

Final provision
The user can get any clwpyarifications on isthzsues of inefkterest rekiylated to the prhhzocessing of thjuzeir peyqcrsonal daprxta by couzlntacting the Optkkerator via e-qthmail policy@.
							This douetcument wifpwll resprflect any chfqxanges to the Opkkherator's peyqcrsonal daprxta prhhzocessing povqslicy. The poxgrlicy is vafddlid inzosdefinitely unclptil it is reixfplaced wiwcwth a new version.
 The cuzyurrent veudarsion of the Pofpglicy is frsfveely avdxwailable on the Inycfternet at /policy.html.

The siallte usxwies coiweokies. Thwdhey alirulow us to refytcognize you and get inudlformation abzltout yochlur user exjhhperience.By coelvntinuing to bryskowse the sifeete, I agree to the use of cokflokies by the siallte owkjfner in aclaycordance wiwcwth Cookie policy